With all things considered Conan Gray had a great 2020. The YouTuber made his mark as a pop force to be reckoned with, released debut album “Kid Krow” while the track “Heather” broke him onto the Official UK Top 40 singles chart. He also proved he’s a charismatic performer when recording live sessions for the Vevo DSCVR Artists To Watch series. And although Conan’s brand of alt-pop hasn’t always hit the mark with me, I do appreciate and notice he’s got the potential to go the full mile with the moody millennial pop fans at least. I was surprised that a track so darkly intense as “Heather” sparked such a reaction that it spent thirteen weeks on the UK Chart. Although when Conan lightens up a bit or adds in electronic elements, I tend to be more intrigued with him. It is a good thing Conan has recognised you don’t come through lockdowns by feeling sad or moping around. You do have to let the sunshine into your mind a little. So he switched gears and wrote the bop “Overdrive” as his first single release of 2021.

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He describes the new single’s message of optimistic escapism,

“I wrote “Overdrive” to escape reality. I’ve spent the entire past year moping around alone in my house, I wanted to make something to get me to dance around my house. Something to belt into the showerhead and lose your worries to. Every time I turned it on to tweak production or change lyrics, I’d always just end up singing along and forgetting why I was so stressed— which is exactly what I hope this song is for the people who listen. Just a moment of reckless abandon and catharsis in a world filled with inhibition.”

What is Conan doing to us with this music video? Reminding us what life was like when we could hang out and shoot the breeze without a second thought? Spoiler alert, I heard on the news today, those times are coming back. Woohoo. Maybe Conan perfectly timed the “Overdrive” track and video releases after all.

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