There is plenty to get excited about in electronic pop music at present. It truly is a time of rich pickings. Recently, I have received notifications about many new songs, either released or pending release. With a new album, “Two Ribbons,” on the horizon. The indie-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma jumps ahead in the queue for blog coverage (before I sail away on my holidays later this week).

With the recent single releases, Rosa and Jenny have taken their music in a more synth-pop direction. In January, they well and truly caught my ear with their rousing, celebratory song “Happy New Year“. Let’s Eat Grandma are completing this current run of single releases with the track “Levitation.”

About “LevitationRosa explains, “It’s about feeling all over the place. Escaping to your imagination and being in a disorientating and surreal mental state. (Which can be both scary and elevating somehow). Everything feels more creative and things look brighter”.

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Delving deeper into the track, Rosa further adds. “You’re with someone you’re close to. Trying to reach out and connect to them. Even though you’re both struggling, you’re able to find comfort in one another, and have an absurdly funny yet meaningful time together. You begin to see some hope in your future again, after a time when you’d started to lose sight of that.”

All remnants of the eclectic past life are obliterated on this synthesizer-heavy release. On “Levitation” it is sounding like Let’s Eat Grandma with their newfound synth savviness is giving Chvrches a run for their money.

Enlisting, director Noel Paul for the video, the duo create a mesmerising visual. The clip is based on the simple idea of a train journey. Yet there is nothing simplified about what happens during the trip at all. This piece sets an ethereal and haunting mood. Is it ghostly apparitions we are seeing, or is it a trick of the mind? Either way, you find this video, there is no doubt the execution of the clip is rather brilliant and captivating to watch.

In conjunction with the release. Let’s Eat Grandma announces their first tour in over three years, which will see them playing shows across the UK and North America in support of “Two Ribbons.” Tickets are on sale now HERE.

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