Since I’m from East Anglia. I remember hearing a lot of chatter about the Norwich-based alt-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma when they first broke out in 2016. They received considerable attention because of their quirky name, as well as their habit of lying down on stage. Their out-of-the-box approach to music made me curious about them. Nonetheless, I couldn’t take in their brand of experimental pop as being too raw and outlier for my liking at the time. With their third album, “Two Ribbons,” the group is moving further into synth-pop. This is a direction that I can get excited about.

On the new song, “Happy New Year,” the duo indulge in unbridled synth utopia as they’ve never done before. I am guessing this is because they were looking to go with a more hopeful, uplifting sound this time around. (That is in keeping with the premise of a new beginning). With this third single, the childhood friends reflect on how their relationship has changed as they have grown into adults. The realisation that they have grown, in different ways, becoming more self-aware of their individual identities.

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The reality has hit home for Let’s Eat Grandma. They accept that they won’t hang out as often as they used to. Their lives are following different paths. A new understanding has also been formed. When the shit hits the fan, they are like family even though they are not related.

As with any family, spending time together is never plain sailing, though. There is always seems to be something to work through or a few kinks to iron out. There is an unexpected twist from Let’s Eat Grandma, on how to speak out respectfully, and mend relationships. In the Noel Paul-directed video for the track. They settle their scores, settling their grievances out on the tennis court.

I guess we could say Rosa and Jenny of Let’s Eat Grandma rallied from breakpoint and served up an ace in the end. Putting the same equation into synth-pop terms. They definitely have the advantage on “Happy New Year.”

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