The combination of Spotify New Music Friday recommendations and the track “45 Fahrenheit Girl” alerted me to Drew Sycamore. Being that the track got me at first listen. It was a rare occasion I fell, hook line and sinker, for a new artist. When posting about “45 Fahrenheit Girl” on the blog. I went on to declare ‘Drew has got quite a sound going for her. That she’d delivered a gem of a track that had definite crossover appeal and potential to be picked up all over Europe‘. I am happy to report back that the Danish-Welsh pop star has just dropped her second studio album inventively titled “Sycamore.” And so saying, there is a lot more new music to tuck into of which I am gagged about. Beginning with the electrifying lead track “Jungle.”

The goal drawn up for the new album is to bounce the boundaries of pop nostalgia. But, anything that pays respect to the 80s, synths and electronic-pop, is worthy of savouring in my book. “Jungle” is a song Drew has written about the virtues of self-love.

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Drew explains,
“I was in love and not in love at the same time and everything felt so overwhelming. Life has a funny way of sorting itself out and I guess the emotion that came out in “Jungle” was this feeling of a backwards fall off a cliff into the deep sea. I had to just float and surrender to things unfolding by themselves.”

With video director, Andreas Landgaard on board, they set about creating Andreas idea of what a visual context of self-love could look like. They went pretty sci-fi with the concept. So far as growing a bunch of Drew Sycamore clones. We see that their presence attracts a lot of curiosity and attention from the paparazzi. It has to be said, the clip is stunning while being a modern update on the Weird Science aesthetic and Drew is, more a cool operator behind this project than a high-school computer nerd like in the, 1985, movie. Besides, it felt good to watch a video that has undergone a lot of production again and made in Europe (being that, under restrictions, they are still few, far and between).

The stellar songs of the album speak for themselves because I am sitting up and taking note of Drew Sycamore. Now it is time places outside of Denmark caught up too. If you’ve been pleasantly surprised by “Jungle” make sure to check out the album “Sycamore” because there is plenty more electro-pop goodness to be had. Is Drew Denmark’s own grown, comparative to Tove Lo? I am erring towards thinking that way.

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