One of my favourite album releases last year came from an artist that has yet to chart in the UK. I am speaking about the Danish singer-songwriter Drew Sycamore and her excellent album “Sycamore“. Since it covers glossy electro-pop and dazzling synth bops. Her album has received many awards, which doesn’t surprise me. (It’s well deserved that this release has received so much praise, in my opinion). I have also heard Drew is getting major radio play in Denmark, because of “Sycamore” and that the Danes are now well and truly, under her spell. In 2023 she aims to come back with her follow-up album “Masculina“. Currently, Drew is dropping the first of several introductory tracks leading up to the album. Her latest offering, is an anthem “Madonna” that has a disco-hued feel.

Madonna” means beautiful and virtuous woman. Perhaps it is about the saviour’s mother, the Virgin Mary, because she needs a trip to town. And maybe it’s about me wanting to be adopted by Madonna. Regardless, we would go straight to VIP.” Says Drew about the track.

Drew isn’t giving much away, is she? But I certainly feel Madonna Ciccone would love to find out the song was written about her regardless.

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Let me make one thing clear. I was never going to scroll past this song! The artwork showing Drew looking incredible, stunning and androgynous is so striking. In music circles, her image overhaul is a good indicator that she has moved up a division. Another, reason she stopped me in my tracks? The song is undoubtedly the most upbeat, fist-pumping, pop release I checked out over the last weekend. (While I was getting over my influenza-induced stupor). Beechams Powders were not what I needed to aid my recovery. I needed these adrenaline-fuelled beats and Drew Sycamore’s commanding, euphoric voice to help me get back on the road to being badass again.

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