It doesn’t happen all too often. On the usual New Music Friday roundup, Spotify chucked a name out at me (Drew Sycamore) I hadn’t come across before. I noted she was Danish, so I instantly knew to check out the archives at Scandipop because Karl is super hot at updating his brilliant website with every new Scandinavian pop release worth knowing about. I felt sure Scandipop would have already been among the first to champion Drew, sure enough, a quick search later Scandipop is spoon-feeding my ears Drew’s previous pop efforts. I’m not going to lie, “I Wanna Be Dancing” sounded a whole lot like Alphabeat to me. Plenty to like nonetheless. The track “45 Fahrenheit Girl” alerted me to Drew, it sounds quite different to Alphabeat which I’m quite glad about because no-one is a match for Alphabeat, so why go there?

Possibly Drew hasn’t settled on her sound yet, perhaps she is an artist who never will and keep evolving stylistically. On “45 Fahrenheit Girl” she does appear quite Miley Cyrus-esque vocally, which normally I would swerve my ears away from. I liked this track, the vibe is cool and credible for a vampire story brought to life.

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Basically, I’d prefer Drew to stay away from Alphabeat vibes as she seems much more suited, as Denmark’s country, electro-pop styled vampire. I know this is the kind of music Europe really loves. Pop with a danceable, electronic heartbeat. With “45 Fahrenheit Girl” Drew has got quite a sound going for her. She’s delivered a gem of a track which has definite crossover appeal and potential to be picked up all over Europe, despite the clubs remaining closed up for the duration. Some good playlist adds and radio stations coming onboard would really make the difference between “45 Fahrenheit Girl” being a sleeper hit or the bona fide Europop smash it deserves to be.

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