We’ve been keeping tabs on Draper and the all-star line-up he’s enlisted on the current release of the “Luminous” EP. I will say this again, he’s really calling up some of the best new names in the field of emerging pop.

Featured artists Sam Sure and BB Diamond have already engaged in a little profile raising by teaming up with Draper on EP tracks, “Want You More” and “Jealous” respectively. The third guest spot goes to up-and-coming singing/songwriter, all-rounder Kyko, whose name I’ve been seeing springing up all over the place for a fair while now and whilst I have listened, I’ve fell a tiny way short of buying into what Kyko has been offering.

Anyway’s Kyko has turned up on the Draper EP and the outcome of the pair together is meshed more towards the electronics than the guitars which hog the limelight on Kyko’s own material. That said, he’s a pretty nifty vocalist all told, with a lovely tonality emanating from those vocal chops. When placed in the situation of a house styled, club banger with Draper at the helm of production seems an atmosphere that Kyko could really push forward and flourish in though.

The skill in production, artist selection and musicality from Draper has got the best out of Kyko. Something’s just work well together and these two do on “I.O.U”.

The video is a kaleidoscope of yellowness, presenting Draper doing his boom ting on the decks. Whilst he’s not officially claiming this to be a lyric video. It basically is all of that.