It started with a simmer, but as the summer arrives the heat on emerging artiste Dua Lipa is bubbling at fever-pitch intensity.

The newcomers ascent has been nothing but phenomenal and although her previous releases steadily began to build up a picture little-by-little of where her earthy artistry is at, the road that has lead us to her BIG coming of age moment has been paved with praise by people like us, recognition (BBC Sound of 2016) and adorning TV advertising campaigns (See Vauxhall Corsa).

We had been alerted that there was a really strong song waiting in the wings and it only made sense that this should drop at a point of maximum impact, like summer during the festival season!

This is where we see that Dua Lipa has rapidly grown in confidence, not that she was in anyway unconfident but you know you’ll understand that the popstar-in-waiting tag is massively earned by the time you hit the chorus of Dua’s latest pop triumph “Hotter Than Hell”.

In my assumption Dua’s really kicked Calvin and Rihanna’s collaboration into the water with this one, not so hard to do since for me C & R effort was underwhelming and could have been so much more.

What Dua has here in “Hotter Than Hell” is equal amounts of mystique and downright command. It also bangs in appropriation of its big-gun status.

Dua maybe one of the new girls in pop, after “Hotter Than Hell” has done the rounds, she’ll more than likely than not hear her name talked about even more all over than it is already. It strikes of something which might be on a future course to make her a household name. With no hesitation it is going in the right direction isn’t it?

It could be looked upon as a tad presumptuous that Dua adorns her head with a crown – “Hotter Than Hell” makes her a worthy wearer of it! Plus too who looks Hot in the video…….slayer Dua does of course!