Now we are done with tooting our own horn, (see yesterday’s posts concerning Lostchild and “This Beat is Poptronik“) I can commence with sharing my thoughts about Dua Lipa’s new single “Physical” and it’s, AMAZING video. (You didn’t seriously in all honesty think, I would allow this great pop song pass me by, I did you?…)

I had seen the trailer put out on this release earlier in the week, but it really didn’t reveal anything of the song. Taking this, paired with the knowledge that the track was called “Physical,” and that Dua previously stated when releasing previous dancefloor heater “Don’t Start Now” she was about to be bringing back disco with sophomore album “Future Nostalgia.” My immediate thoughts pre-release led me to speculate if a reimagining of the Olivia Newton-John (now Dame) 1981 hit of the same name might be on the cards. Blatantly, obviously, I would have had no qualms about this, if it were true. Nonetheless, the idea did properly tie in with what has been hinted at.

As was learned on Friday, the track isn’t a homage to Dame Olivia yet, is in keeping with exhibiting an 80s stylised vibe. There is no getting around the fact, that the Clarence Coffee Jnr, Dupa Lipa, Jason Evigan and Sarah Hudson penned track, is a big pop production either. I am very happy if this is the precedent Dua is setting us up with because feel certain other artists and acts will be keen as mustard to jump on the trend and follow in her footsteps. Therefore, meaning there will be an onslaught of 80s vibes floating around the pop sphere this year. Prompting no complaints here.

The accompanying video is a thrilling mix of action shots met with state of the art visual effects. Think the iconic A-Ha “Take On Me” video spun into another dimension mixed with group scenes from Strictly Coming Dancing. And, Dua swinging her hips with the command of a pro-belly dancer. What a triumph of a pop music video.

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