From the moment I first heard Dido track “Friends” I had high hopes that the singer would make a video for it. The track features on the current “Still on My Mind” album which was released in March of this year. It is still my favourite track overall from the release. I thought the song had fulfiled its purpose being used as a teaser during the early stages of the album campaign. I Resigned, myself to thinking a music video would not now be forthcoming. It is strange, how after a little time some things turn about, full circle. I couldn’t be happier the video I have been craving all along has now arrived.

I know I haven’t been alone in wanting a video for the track. Dido fans have been calling out for it too. Lucky for us, the singer has chosen it as the album’s third official single and had Ash Howes work a superb new edit. I feel certain “Friends” got a good reception when on her recent European dates and North American shows. And that many of her UK fans will be looking out for the endearing song when the UK tour kicks off later in the year. For some, December is too long a wait, to see Dido live. Possibly with this in mind, or just because the recent dates at The Roundhouse London were quite something else. The “Friends” video offers some compensation, as it comprises of footage from these gigs, filmed by David Lopez Edwards.

It is very nice to see Dido back in a live performance environment. In this film clip, she is seen, clearly in her element. I like how I am seeing, that at a Dido show there are no thrills and no special effects tricks. Her voice alone is the greatest spectacle of all.

One of the many highlights from the album, “Friends“,

“gets straight to the point. There have been many people in the past who have said ‘you can’t do this’ and ‘you’re not good enough,” Dido says. “But when everyone’s back is turned I’ll get on with doing what I am going to do, and then see how we all feel at the end of it. So part of it is ‘well, look at me now, I’ve done fine’. Success is the best revenge.”

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