It remains a mystery to us at EQ why Denmark’s Christopher Nissen hasn’t yet been marketed across to these waters, since it has certainly felt that he’s been in a place ready to make some moves on us for some time.

As Christopher has matured into his slinky R’n’B electronic sound, he really should be justifiably appraised in the same measure as the likes of the two Eric/k’s, meaning fellow Scandinavians Saade and Hassle because there is something of the stylings of both that have seemingly developed into Christopher Nissen’s radio friendly approach to pop. This is no better presented than with Christopher’s current single “Free Fall”. An ear pleasing, mid-tempo ballad which makes the most of showcasing Christopher’s resplendently, lofty falsetto that swoops in with effortless ease at the arrival of each swoonful refrain of the chorus.

The definition of “Free Fall” here isn’t so much in keeping with the true dictionary meaning of a plummeting weightless descent more a shift to a figurative translation of the word, of stepping into the unknown. Going beyond two persons, just liking one another and traversing the mystery of the chemistry and attraction, can it all add up to happy, fulfilling loved-up outcome? Only the daring and adventurous will ever know.

Christopher does his utmost to show us the way to unlock inhibitions and give in to a sense of adventure in the thrill seeking film action of his latest pop music video.