Oh damn. In my switch from Soundcloud to that of Spotify streaming, it seems I forgot to re-follow Denmark’s Christopher (Nissen.) I know, how silly of me, especially when we picked up on the Dane, early on in his career and considering that he’s regarded as quite the superstar back at home as well. Consequently, I have looked in on him from time to time and am doing so again, because of his latest track “Ghost” being an excellent pop song, far better than what mostly pollutes the UK top 40 singles chart, at the very least.

I distinctly recall Christopher being consistently good in his output. Thus, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s turned out a new slice of pop brilliance with his latest. “Ghost” has the kind of melodically, driven feel to it that you know will sound amazing, pumping out of the car’s stereo on a long drive down to the coast. The strummed guitars which prominently feature, make light work of evoking, SoCal vibes. In the minute in which I’ve been listening to the track, I can almost feel the warmth of the sun beating down on my eardrums. This feels nice. I can see myself drifting off while grabbing a listen to this, and having daydreams about taking a trip the places I love to visit during the summer.

As the title of the track “Ghost” implies, summer and sun aren’t what Christopher has written about here. If you are wondering he is neither way early, with a Halloween themed offering either. Christopher is making references about being ghosted. The touching lyrics and the compelling story-boarded video explain this with good detail. Sharing an intimate story centred around, thinking carefully before making a choice, so as not to become swallowed up with regret, later on. I felt things, watching the clip, I’m sure you will too. I have listened to the track a few more times, and it is now abundantly clear to me, this Dane has an extraordinary way of making heartbreak, sound so good.

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