We’ve been tracking Danish pop singer sensation Christopher on the blog since he first made a splash in 2013. He continues to reap huge success in Denmark. Although, unbelievably when 2020 was so traumatic for the music industry, Christopher managed to buck the trend. He went on his first European tour during the spring of 2020 just before restrictions became enforced. And thus when most music artists felt the struggle at not being able to tour and perform, Christopher had a standout year in this respect. Christopher plans to clock up even more achievements in 2021. A mean feat, given that he has just become a father. He has some feelings to share about this in his latest track “Fall So Hard,” which dropped today.

The song is immediately joyful. A toe-tapper and an anthem, fizzing with energy and euphoria. The kind of song Danish radio stations is sure to eat up. Given his superstar status and outstanding record of top 40 chart positions on the Danish Hitlisten “Fall So Hard” looks sure to follow suit.

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Christopher’s sweet bundle of baby girl joy arrived just before the release of this track. And so makes the release even more poignant and special. I thought it, therefore, would be especially nice to grab a few words from Christopher about this celebratory, glorious and heartfelt track. The lovely response below is what he sent back.

””Fall So Hard” is a song of optimism and change. About how all of a sudden, something or someone can step into your life and make it fundamentally different. But the thing about this cliché is that it’s really true. I recently became a dad for the very first time. And from one single moment, I was a subsidiary person in my own life. Everything is turned upside down. It’s just a brand new and overriding dimension, which is indescribable.”

The music video is an intriguing one. (It was sent over to me early to have a peek at.) I assumed the clip of Christopher sitting inside a box might have something to with being in isolation, but that theory didn’t make sense to the song at all. I think he sneaked over the explanation of the video footage in his note to us above. I see what he’s done. We are not, seeing him trapped in a box or a prism! He’s visiting a different dimension. The flicking images each represent, uplifting feelings. Clever. If you like captivating melodies and heart-melting vocals, “Fall So Hard” by Christopher is a track that should not be missed. (EQ readers would not overlook this, I know that!)

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