I don’t like to pick out favourite tracks from any of our “This Beat Is Poptronik” playlists, although, I have to admit, I am still very much enjoying the KOOLKID track “2 Soon” which features on the latest February edition. I wouldn’t say that the singer-songwriter has come back too soon with a follow-up single either. I think emerging artists must keep the momentum going rather than spending too much time finding where their niche lies. KOOLKID appears to have figured out his groove early on because when listening to “Feelings” the new single, he’s seamlessly meshing his strengths in musicality, lyricism and production. While delivering, gleaming modern pop sensibilities and solidifying his breakout status.

I had no clue until I read through the press release, Lewis Gardiner (ex-drummer of Prides) is credited as co-writer alongside KOOLKID (aka Ryan Lawrie) on the track and on “2 Soon” as well. Which leads me to surmise that Lewis surely has most of Glasgow’s emerging pop artists under his wing judging from the number of times I keep seeing his name pop up. Most probably explains why I really like the vibe this collaboration are creating on both of these debut tracks too.

“Falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship is never a good thing. “Feelings” is an upbeat pop anthem that is sure to make you reminisce about being in this situation,” says KOOLKID. “You know you have certain feelings, but you only want to feel them with that one person, but you can’t. I feel like we can all relate to being in this situation at one point in our lives. I have, and that is why I wrote this song.”

Lyrically, the track does have that sense of being bittersweet, but of the melody, this absolutely makes me want to punch the air and dance if I am being honest. The accompanying video while, low budget is effective in communicating about someone who is confronting and processing, complex emotions. Does a grand job of evoking the sense of feeling a little lost. From the outside looking in, we are met by KOOLKID who is seen, visibly facing up to his demons. Such as with any person, what we see on the outside is only an indication of what is going on inside. We can never be sure of how someone else actually feels the struggle or the full-extent of their mental well-being. In this music video, we are given a hint of what lies beneath the surface, the differing moods, by the changing colour of his eyes.

A simple video concept, which when we think about it and unravel the message it is putting out into the world, as I have just done. Realise, it is saying a whole lot more than we first imagined.

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