Recently I caught onto the Glaswegian rising artist and songwriter KOOLKID featuring his debut tracks “2 Soon” and “Feelings.” Well here comes “We’re So Blind” the third strike from the newcomer, which, while having a pile of new music to write about, I simply could not ignore. Owing to the Scots most excellent pop mastery, which has kept him in demand as a staple songwriter for BTS. Launching on his own trajectory under the KOOLKID moniker has seen Ryan Lawrie run free with his musical identity. Where he primarily has chosen to concentrate on an electronic-pop path.

Thus far, we’ve heard both soaring melodies and affecting lyricism from the burgeoning singer-songwriter talent. Upon the release of “We’re So Blind,” I can confirm there is no let-up in this trend. Penning the track with songwriting collaborator Lewis Gardiner (formerly of Scottish synth-pop group, Prides) the observational writing style is put to good use again to highlight the singer’s thoughts about social trends among the millennial generation. The thirst for recognition, and the need for a wake-up call to live a life more balanced. Promoting better emotional and social well-being.

“I want to make people think when they listen to this. I really want you to hear the words and feel the music hit you.” KOOLKID speaks about the release.

Who better to speak about issues such as these than a Millenial himself. KOOLKID speaks out like a true figurehead of clarity and worldly-wise wisdom. It also helps that the track resonates with modern pop sensibilities seen through its style and melody. Exactly what the young pop stallion, listeners are craving, not only them, myself as well. I consider the aim has been for KOOLKID to produce accessible and thoughtful pop songs. I conclude after celebrating three masterfully, curated releases. This goal is pretty much met.

KOOLKID – Upcoming Shows

18th October – Hit The North Festival, Newcastle
27th November – Headline Show – Attic @ The Garage, Glasgow

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