Surely it is every budding young songwriter’s dream to pen, a track for one of pop’s high flying superstars. KOOLKID has achieved just, that, as one of the songwriting team on K-pop icons, BTS “Map Of The Soul: Persona” assisting on the track “Mikrokosmos.” Now having had a taste of success, the Scottish singer-songwriter is keener than ever, to build on this big achievement by gaining notability as a solo, pop artist. He starts the year off a memorable note with his debut effort “2 Soon.”

Favouring electronic production over guitars. KOOLKID bucks the trend, and direction, many current, emerging singer-songwriters are headed in. The electronic elements of the track, assist with enlivening the melody. Adding bursts of brightness in all the appropriate places. Ensures we get a rounded introduction which equally plays to his strengths in song crafting. The newcomer offers up a sonic brew of tropical soundwaves lapping up against a chilled, upbeat, indie sound.

“The song is about being in a relationship and knowing it’s not working out the way you intended, but you’re scared to mention it because it’s too soon and things might get better. “2 Soon” brings this concept to life,” says KOOLKID

In regards to the track, and from what I hear when listening to it. KOOLKID shouldn’t have any worries about how this debut effort is received. The production is hitting the bar along with his emotive vocals and lyricism. The sound and style very much have a place in 2020. Although perhaps it is largely, in keeping with the electronically blended styles, we are currently more familiar with hearing, coming out of the US. From pop acts like Lauv, AJ Mitchell and Troye Sivan. In my opinion “2 Soon” is the kind of song which will more than likely slow-burn and steadily keep on growing. The press release informs, the Scot is armed with new material, which is due for release this year. This is news which I am pleased to hear because after being introduced to “2 Soon” I can’t help but want a whole lot more.

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