If you haven’t heard of Tsatsamis yet, you’re missing out on some seriously amazing music. His dreamy electronic soundscapes are the perfect backdrop to his poignant lyrics. It’s no wonder that “Everybody Wants a Piece of You” from last year has quickly become a fan favourite. But Tsatsamis is far from a one-hit-wonder – his follow-up release “Let Go” and his brand new track “Faith” are just as captivating. I admit since learning about “Everybody Wants a Piece of You,” last year, I’ve found myself falling deeper into new music obsession mode with his dreamy, lyrical, electronic stylings.

Music has the power to delve into themes that are often hard to express. In “Faith,” Tsatsamis explores his queer identity and questions himself. The song is a reminder for all of us to love ourselves first and embrace who we are. “Faith” is a powerful example of how representation and diversity in music can raise awareness and promote inclusivity. As we listen to music and become inspired, we can all take a lesson from this song and learn to love ourselves a little more.

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The sound of this track is quite distinct from his previous works. According to Tsatsamis, the aim of “Faith” was to create a track that possessed elements of George Michael‘s style blended with a SOPHIE-esque production. The lyrics also seem to have a connection to George Michael, while the melody and production style show a clear SOPHIE influence. Additionally, one can detect Charli XCX‘s PC Music sensibilities and the electronic-pop inspiration of Hot Chip in the song. Did I catch a bit of a Bronski Beat influence as well?… I think I did!

In the music video directed by Ruby Harris, Tsatsamis is less than inhibited about using props as sexual references. But even with these plainly visible, the music video set in a boxing gym locker room averts from appearing tacky. But smacks with a sense of realism instead.

Tsatsamis is both utterly listenable and relevant. And I have fallen charmed by his soft pop stylings. I fully intend to have my eyes and ears on him and believe EQ readers would do well to do the same.

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