What a welcome back to blogging I have been experiencing since returning from my holiday. Luckily, there is no chance of post-holiday blues kicking in when some of my favourite emerging pop acts have just released new music. Specifically, I refer to Tsatsamis, whose dreamy electronic pop creations have been immensely captivating to me lately. The independent London-based pop artist, producer and songwriter just released his sophomore EP “Our Shame” which features the previously released focus tracks “Everybody Wants a Piece of You,” “Let Go,” and “Faith.”

Furthermore, it was quite the feat that he sold out his debut headline show in just 24 hours. And similarly, did the same when a second date was added. With this being an indication that his latest release is highly anticipated. It’s time to hear what all the fuss is about. So, get ready to catch up on the latest music and enjoy the sounds of Tsatsamis!

Tsatsamis’ EP is an absolute sonic delight. What makes it truly remarkable is how he manages to captivate the listener with his exquisite use of harmonies, even in the softer tracks. His distinctive brand of musicality envelopes narratives of an extremely intimate nature. And visits themes such as lust, sexuality, unrequited love, and shame. In the closing track, “Misunderstanding“, he specifically, offers an unfiltered perspective that is both raw and honest, leaving a lasting impression on the listener. Overall, this sonically delightful EP showcases Tsatsamis’ undeniable talent as a musician, especially as a prolific storyteller.

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It’s difficult to overstate the sheer power of the vulnerability displayed in “Misunderstanding“. This track is a rare gem in the world of pop music, where queer artists often feel they need to hide their true selves. The honesty and raw emotion conveyed in this song are remarkable and are indicative of the courage of the artist behind it.

So if you’re looking for some incredible music and want to support an important voice in the industry. You simply must give, the “Our Shame” EP a listen. Without a doubt, Tsatsamis is quickly becoming one of the most beloved and influential queer musical artists in Britain today. And this EP is a fantastic showcase of his talents.

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