It is Monday therefore, I know you will be looking at your playlists in search of a motivational song to fire you into the working week. In case it escaped your notice because of the flood of New Music Friday releases. I wanted to point out there is no need to look much further than “Extra Fr!es,” the latest release from Ilira. After a flurry of singles released this year. I’ve have gotten to know, Ilira never does anything less than, to pull out all the stops in the name of pop. Her style is colourful and an assault on the senses, because she devises her energised offerings to be catchy on the ear and brightly eye-catching.

We would be wrong to label her a disco dolly because there is always a meaningful purpose to her work. Ilira’s tracks cover lyrics, which are scattered, with thought-provoking statements that make us take a good look at life. Sometimes in ways that are good and sometimes in ways that might help us to be better versions of ourselves. There is no reward for working out “Extra Fr!es” has been written with a body-positive message in mind. The pay-back we do receive, of course, is by listening to the ebullient pop song itself.

Extra Fr!es,” is another of Ilira’s songs, where the lyrics and message, have been best served, tongue-in-cheek. I feel followers of a low carb diet might find these lyrics, too big an ask, but I am loving, that this pop queen’s song has a chorus, where she sings:- “You shouldn’t count all carbs. Big butt and you’ve got to show it. High cut and you gotta own it. Steal his fries, and then get him out of your head.”

Mmm…, jacket, boiled, mashed, roasted, chipped and fried. You won’t see me giving up potatoes for a guy or EVER!

I love this song. It is pure sunshine. But, it is making my stomach rumble for dinner.

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