Kosovo-Albanian pop singer Ilira is determined to use her voice, through her songs as a way to empower and inspire women with powerful messages to love themselves. As we saw in previous single “Whisper My Name” she isn’t attempting to hide from us that she’s got sass by the bucketload. She really is one of the brightest, colourful and sparkliest of up-and-comers on the pop spectrum. Also, she definitely is someone who completely relishes being able to make a statement. The new single “Do It Yourself” is where she throws the doors wide open on a discussion about self-love.

Yes, Hailee Steinfeld caused quite a similar stir with her power-girl anthem “Love Myself” and what that track did was push the conversation forward. In today’s social climate it is still a social topic which benefits with a regular nudge. Ilira has taken it upon herself to jump into the hot seat with a big megaphone, singing her heart out with a passion for the feminist generation.

An effervescent melody, popping with bubblegum beats steers us through the verse sections on “Do It Yourself” and is swapped out in favour of euphorically uplifting chords when hitting the climactic chorus. In its style, the song follows a well-used formula. The chorus is where it peaks at it’s most catchy and memorable. Ilira’s voice blossoms in accordance with the songs incredibly, vivid lyrics. This does all that is asked of a hands-in-the-air, fully-fledged pop anthem, packed with unapologetic attitude. A rallying cry with an energising and upbeat message with solidarity within the sisterhood in mind.

Like her previous efforts “Do It Yourself” is packed with plenty of personality that is distinctly and uniquely Ilira. She continues on her promise, that her incredibly catchy songs won’t be getting out of your head anytime soon.

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