Have you noticed lately how the female pop star landscape is changing? Over recent times, singers of Albanian descent are having their fair share of the pie, and being pretty successful in the process hitting the big-time. Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa have each worked their way to the top of the charts and won the public’s favour. I’ve just heard about a prospective new member these ladies in pop might care to welcome into their sisterhood. Her name is ILIRA. She was raised in a small Swiss town by Kosovo-Albanian parents. Has since relocated to Berlin, and collaborated with German DJ/Producer Jumpa before launching her solo career with debut release “Whisper My Name.”

I’m sure it is no coincidence that I can hear traces of her fellow Albanian pop peers vocal styles coming through in ILIRA’s performance. This definitely tells me she has an important first base covered, introducing her appealing voice which connoisseurs of pop seem very attracted to right now. Similarly debut “Whisper My Name” is a massively pop weighted release driven by a dynamic melody and boosted by a rousing, uplifting chorus. Tell me someone who doesn’t like to indulge in a dose, of that every so often or far more regularly?

I totally expect that ILIRA will make a solid impact with this song. It’s full of sass with an airy and sexy vibe. The cute love song proficiently encapsulates the bittersweet theme at hand. Made clear, as ILIRA sweetly coo’s “Every time you whisper my name, you give me the pleasure, pain.” “Whisper My Name” is the perfect first step for an artist destined for a long and promising run. Be sure to look out for more from ILIRA in the near, future!

Connect with Ilira
Twitter: @iliramusic