It’s somewhat unbelievable, but nevertheless, it’s true – the Eurovision champion of 2018, Israeli artist Netta, has yet to embark on a headline-worldwide tour. Despite her immense success since her win, including a memorable performance at this year’s contest in Liverpool where she sang a rendition of “You Spin Me Round” (Like A Record) by Dead or Alive, Netta has yet to headline her own tour. But the wait is over for her fans as it was recently announced that her “Wonderful and Great” Tour will kick off in London at The Garage on September 1st. So if you missed her in Liverpool, now is your chance to catch her live on stage!

I am sure many music lovers are eagerly anticipating Netta’s upcoming tour! Undoubtedly, she will serenade fans with her most popular tracks, such as “Toy,” “Ricki Lake,” and “Cuckoo” but I expect this will be an opportunity to hear her latest creations also. In fact, she just debuted a new song, “Everything,” before the commencement of her global tour. The track is a collaboration, where Netta has co-written with AJR and Zara Larsson. Therefore, deeming that “Everything” is a guaranteed pedigree pop offering.

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The song’s message is to say goodbye to what is holding you back and encourage you to live your life. “Everything” emphasizes how liberating it is to know what you deserve and not be afraid to work for it. It’s a beautiful reminder to always strive for what you want and to never settle for less. The lyrics are so powerful and inspiring, and the melody is infectious. I can’t help but feel motivated and determined every time I listen to it. It’s a song that truly speaks to the heart and soul.

In the music video, Netta sends a powerful message to viewers through director Katie Paul’s visuals: we should always be our own greatest supporters. The importance of believing in ourselves and our abilities while never allowing anyone else’s opinion to dim our shine. Netta’s confidence and self-assurance are frankly inspiring. Watching her embrace her individuality is a reminder that everyone should do the same.

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