Since we were introduced to Netta because of her bonkers, yet empowering Eurovision winning effort “Toy,” we’ve only seen the delightfully eccentric side of the singer. We’ve come to regard her as a lovable misfit, expecting, zany songs and even more aesthetically, bizarre music videos from her. She has obligingly kept us fed with some unique, if not charmingly strange releases. Which by cutting through layers of colourful exuberance, reveals her quirky anthems tackle some empowering topics. Everything she has put out to date has been larger than life and fast-paced. Announcing the “Goody Bag” EP. She takes a step back from her usual boldness. Allows us to see her vulnerable side by way of a heartbreaking ballad, curiously called “Cuckoo.”

Debuted on the television programme, Eurovision: Europe Shines Light. Netta gave us our first taste of “Cuckoo” with a stripped-back performance of just her achingly, emotive vocals and the delicate chimes of a music box as an accompaniment. It was most striking to discover how beautiful her natural singing voice is. And, most notably a world apart from her usual, sing-rap fierceness.

The studio version of the track is no less remarkable. The incredible Israeli pop phenomenon sings directly from the heart. Delivering a touching, unphased performance packed with emotion and directness.

Netta explains the track. “This song was written about the feeling of being stuck in a loop, that you don’t know if you created yourself or someone else built for you.”

When we think about Netta’s music videos. It is safe to say, she holds no punches about stimulating our visual senses with bold and somewhat over the top creations. An extension of her exuberant personality and as an empowering activist, the videos dig right in on the important, topics she explores. The Roy Raz directed clip for “Cuckoo” shows Netta living inside a cuckoo clock. She seems kinda sad and melancholy. She appears as though stuck in time while waiting for an opportunity to break free from the coop. The style of track is undoubtedly more restrained. However, the visuals remain as thought-provoking and as eye-catching as we’ve come to expect of, Netta.

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