If you know the story of The Lovers Of Valdaro (The true-life story not the band). You’ll be informed about the of significance the Swedish synth-pop duo’s latest release “Eternal Embrace.” This being the case, it is more probable than not that you will have expected this track to surface at some point. Because the duo takes their name from The Lovers of Valdaro, which refers to a pair of 6000-year-old skeletons which were discovered buried, hand-in-hand in Northern Italy. And if you wish to carry out some research on the subject. Google articles will obligingly inform you that the mystery couple has been documented as being discovered while locked in an eternal embrace. (See it all makes sense).

The Swedish duo formed in 2018. In 2019, they participated at Melodifestivalen. The Lovers Of Valdaro’s euphoric synth-pop tracks have been continually enduring since. The duo consisting of the vocalist Erik Gabriel and the producer Adam Warhester hinted at the release of “Eternal Embrace” months ago. I’ve been sitting with a watchful eye open, waiting for the track to drop. Because I know how push-backs have become inevitable due to the pandemic. I was beginning to assume, they might have decided to light up the New Year with their shimmering synth-pop. I am delighted that with this track they stuck to the plan, and are sending off 2020 on a heartwarming note, though.

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I know it’s a week to Christmas and everyone is either caught up with work or safely, planning, what they can have of, their holiday celebrations. Come on, only a handful of views on the video, since its release yesterday…it is deserving of so much more. The two Swedish hunks have abandoned their shirts, (perhaps these garments went missing like socks do in the washing machine, who knows?) this is what you are all missing. Not to be misleading, as filth or gratuitous nakedness. The visual treatment is as evocative as the glorious synth soundtrack itself. The black and white footage alludes to the feelings we experience when we hug someone as a way of showing care and affection.

If you’re looking for a musical comparative The Lovers Of Valdaro sound somewhat similar to The Sound Of Arrows. Both bands are interstellar in our eyes.

Connect with The Lovers of Valdaro
Facebook: https://facebook.com/theloversofvaladro
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theloversofvaldaro/

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