You know, it is never an easy task scheduling blog features at the end of the working week. You are sent previews which roll out into your mailbox from Monday through Thursday, and you feel certain you know which tracks you are interested in the most. Because of the ridiculousness that is New Music Friday, decisions you’ve made can alter at a moment’s notice when an unexpected, and exciting email drops into your inbox at the eleventh hour. I had been noticing via social media that the brilliant Swedish duo The Sound Of Arrows are back in London next week for a one-off date at Hackney’s Oslo. Unbeknown to me, I had no inkling, ahead of the gig, Stefan and Oskar would also be releasing a new seven-track EP “EP1 – Cuts From The Stay Free Vault.

As longtime supporters of the duo, EQ Music Blog readers won’t need telling how much we adore The Sound Of Arrows. They delivered another pop masterpiece in the album “Stay Free” last year. And gave us one of the biggest highlights on our live music calendar during the past eighteen months, when they packed out EQ Music Live Presents evening in August 2017. Now with a new EP which comprises three new and previously unreleased songs alongside remixed and instrumental versions of cuts from “Stay Free,” we have even more reason to step back in line and relish every new drop The Sound Of Arrows synthy bliss once more.

So I am going to tell you a little about the EP’s opener “Perfect Circle,” it’s the track we were sent a cheeky, sneak preview of. Much like the majority of the original album, this song fits right in with a similar widescreen pop style of sweeping synths and general blissful vastness. On the song, Stefan delves into the human psyche, exploring more of what makes a good relationship last, when life throws up challenging hurdles. People lose their way sometimes, but if what you had in the first place was good, there is every chance with a little work you can eventually find your way back to your happy place.

To be honest, it would have been a crime against synth-pop if “Perfect Circle” had never seen the light of day. I’m glad Stefan and Oskar held these other electronic gems back in reserve so they could spring a treat on their fans and electronic-pop nerds on the wider scale. There is also more to come as the guys revealed on Instagram this morning

You can find the full “EP1 – Cuts From The Stay Free Vault” here on Spotify

FREE this Tuesday, the 25th of September? Don’t forget to snap up tickets for the Hackney, Oslo gig HERE. It will be your chance to hear the new songs for the very first time.

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