I was criminally late to discovering The Lovers of Valdaro. Meaning, since covering the Swedish duo’s splendid synth-pop track “Eternal Embrace” last year, there is still some catching up to do. The duo formed in 2018 they competed at Melodifestivalen 2019 with the track “Somebody Wants.” They came into the process by entering a radio competition with the track “Lost Forever.” And as such started the ball rolling for them. In truth, these lads haven’t put out a vast amount of songs, but each one that has been released has been impressively good. After garnering initial interest, “Lost Forever” remains the duos most beloved offering to date.

I am ceasing upon the chance to revisit the debut effort, as long story short, it is fortuitously used as the title track of David Färdmars 2020 directorial feature film debut “ARE WE LOST FOREVER.” Adding some more promo for the recent digital release of the film. Some new footage has been made by David. It meshes clips from the movie, incorporating some additional footage of the duo directed by Mehdi Bagherzadeh. Thus bringing the shimmering synth-pop track up to speed for 2021.

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The original music video seemed like it was a DIY job, and never matched the grandeur or majesticness found in the song itself. That this new video has happened does, at last, serve some justice on the brilliance of the track. The footage taken from the movie does go some way in adding some elements of a story that were amiss in the original grainy, black and white music video. Should it be an option, I wouldn’t be adverse to the guys officially re-releasing this track. Although no official word has issued, this would be very cool, as far as I am concerned. The new video update is just too good for this not to be given some serious consideration. My ear is to ground I am waiting to hear, news.

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