On a music footing, I cannot begin to think, how we would have made it through this strange year if it wasn’t for the resurgence of disco and dancefloor feels. Thinking about a lot of the music that had been written and recorded before the crazy took off. And the tracks that we have enjoyed during recent months. Much of them promote feel-good vibes. There is still a few months of 2020 yet to ride out. Thankfully the music arena remains actively abuzz with new offerings, which uplift and empower in just one stroke. Aluna (Francis) formerly of AlunaGeorge announced her solo career by debuting “Body Pump” in May and has just launched the debut album “Renaissance.” An undertaking which allows her to unleash her creatively unforgivingly while celebrating her ethnicity.

The album couldn’t be any more appropriate to our times.

According to AlunaThe recent ‘Black Renaissance’ is so inspiring to me,” she explains. “There has been a pivot in all creative endeavours from film and television to plays and comics. Black people have begun involving themselves in non-stereotypical things regardless of who agrees. The outcasts have found each other. “Renaissance” sums up a defiant, rule-breaking, and transitional election of, new culture. To me, this album represents that within its own small, individual world. I’ve gone through the process of owning myself, and this is the celebration. It’s not a party with tables where you’re popping bottles of champagne in high-heeled shoes. It’s in the woods, around the fire, and everyone looks sexy in the bloody fire-light. We might be a minority, but we have power.”

While being creatively diverse “Renaissance” emits dance energy and packs heat throughout the fourteen track length. Like a pot of pick ‘n’ mix, it keeps on shelling out new flavours that we unpredictably have no ideas what, we are gonna get surprised with next. Latest focus single “Envious,” appears as one of the more mainstream tracks of the release. Described by Aluna as a ‘cry dance’ song. Probably the most relatable in style to that of her music partnership with George Reid as a part of AlunaGeorge. It is the Hamadou Frederic Balde directed music video which allows Aluna to make some of her boldest statements about black heritage and culture. Even when raising awareness, adding her voice to these topics, she has made a video which escalates into a dance-filled adventure.

Connect with Aluna
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alunageorge/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alunaaa/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alunaaa/

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