Independent singer-songwriter John Galea has sprung a new tune on us. The Norfolk-born artist, fondly known as Mr piano-man, has teamed up with the British rapper Ironik for “Don’t Wanna Die,” a track they wrote together. Although his repertoire spans a variety of music styles. This is not the first time John has collaborated with an urban or rap artist, however. The grime artist Scorcher features on “Gold Diggin’“, Galea’s track from 2013.

When asked about his latest single Galea said, “Don’t Wanna Die’ is about being addicted to a love that isn’t right for you & you find it hard to let go of. Again this is a very personal song written about a past relationship I was stuck in, like a habit I couldn’t break.”

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Notably, when listening to the new song, there are some crucial factors to keep in mind. John’s decision to release his latest offering during Pride Month is a deliberate and significant choice. As an openly bisexual artist, John is vocal about his experiences and struggles as a member of the LGBTQ community. Thus, the timing of “Don’t Wanna Die” speaks volumes about his commitment to the LGBTQ community and his efforts to promote bi-visibility. Celebrate identity, advocate for their rights and amplify its message of love and acceptance.

In my opinion, however, the most impactful part of this release is undoubtedly the Art Touches Art-directed music video. Since the narrative of the clip authentically represents a true-to-life portrayal of a same-sex relationship that is captured and detailed in a meaningful manner. Using the themes of Romeo and Juliet and bi-visibility to good effect. The visuals poignantly chronicle the personal struggles when involved in a toxic relationship.

The direct channelling of raw feelings and soul-searching of “Don’t Wanna Die” undoubtedly sees John Galea achieve his most vulnerable release yet.

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