John Galea 4

You know these days, it’s hard to know where and precisely flanked by whom, that John Galea is going to pop up next. I mean seriously the singer / songwriting dynamo, has hung out lately on tour with McFly and also as being in-demand songwriter John’s been mixing with the likes of J. T. Rotem’s Beluga Heights production team.

These starry associations don’t appear to be waning either, as on his newest release “Gold DigginJohn has managed to get on board rapper Scorcher for a few quick rounds of MCing art. But bejeezus just look at the impressive eye candy John’s smooching up too; it’s only The Real Hustle’s Jessica-Jane isn’t it! In that case I hereby permit myself to have a bit of a girl crush on her too.

Well let’s not go paparazzi and celebrity dazzled too much and over-shadow the song in question, since it harvests upon a mature dynamic that John has grown into. John’s got his swagger on and along with an intelligent pop presence “Gold Diggin” makes for a proficient pop moment of tuneworthy notability in the musical history thus far, of John Galea.

That just leaves us to watch Jessica-Jane toy and seduce the dollars out of John in the video to this tale of opportunist bounty hunting. With Jessica-Jane cast as the femme fatal this is what we call a real hustle. The real deal.