Since they introduced us to their album “Born,” Nico Tortorella has continually shown listeners what a truly evocative, electronic-pop soundscape sounds like. The harmonies Nico uses across the track’s debut album “Born” form much of the dreamy musicality of the opus to fatherhood. Yet, none more so than in the track “Done and Up” which is now fittingly served as a supporting music video. And once more shot and directed by Nico’s brother Rocco Tortorella.

In the beginning, Nico created “Born” as a comforting soundtrack during the birth of their first child with Bethany C. Meyers. However, when the presence of the unborn infant (Kilmer Dove) appeared to be sending Nico lyrics and melodies in dreams. The concept of the project shifted into the wider spectrum of impending fatherhood. Hence, the majority of “Born” follows this format.

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The track “Done and Up” is quite the departure from the previous focus singles “Grapefruit,” “He Said She Said,” and “Last Summer.” Owing to its heavy reliance on vocal harmonies to create an almost mediative, dreamy ambience. Furthermore, the song narrative tackles reevaluating lifestyle choices. In this instance, “Done and Up” is where Nico seemingly expresses willingness to quit bad habits and emrace a new way of thinking. “I’m gonna give it up, I’m falling outta love, Ima ’bout to blow it up… “Done and I’m up“.

To further stress the important mental shift of the father-to-be. The official music video concentrates upon Nico’s face, specifically zooming in on their eyes as a focal point. The eyes have a gaze of determination about them. It is not merely words spoken but a complete new outlook taking hold. 

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In other Nico Tortorella news. The Mattachine Family. A movie about queer love and family starring Nico, Juan Pablo Di Pace and Emily Hampshire. The film is due available for Streaming on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google, Vudu, and Hoopla, on June 4th 2024.

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