It’s interesting how some artists managed to break through during the pandemic, despite the challenges faced by the music industry. One such artist is vaultboy, whose hit track “Everything Sucks” gained massive popularity on TikTok. However, vaultboy’s success didn’t stop there, as he has continued to release great music that has been well-received by fans. It’s exciting to see how much he has accomplished. In fact, he recently announced that his debut album, “everything and nothing,” will be dropping on May 10th.

I truly believe vaultboy has ridden the TikTok hype of 2021 and is still around in 2024 because from day one his incredible songwriting has remained strong. His immense talent and unwavering dedication to his craft are the reasons why he has managed to outlast his peers. Furthermore, became one of the notable rising pop artists of 2024.

When announcing the album, vaultboy also shared the track “Closer,” a vibrant collaboration with the talented songwriter turned pop star Salem Ilese. The song is an upbeat exploration of the complex boundary between friendship and a potentially romantic relationship and details the confusing emotions that come with it. This marks the second time vaultboy and Salem have worked together. They previously successfully collaborated on her hit song “Don’t shop when ur hungry” last year.

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Although it must be said. The music video for “Closer” is certainly more captivating than watching two individuals exchange glances on the dance floor. The video’s setting in a video game arcade perfectly aligns with the song’s youthful vibe, making it more appealing to its target audience. Similarly, it’s worth noting that Jeremiah Daly‘s “vaultboy” moniker is based on a character from the Fallout video game series, making the video’s choice of location even more fitting. Overall, the video enhances the song’s energy and keeps the viewers engaged from start to finish.

At the start of this post, I mentioned that vaultboy is going on a headline tour of the UK and Europe in May. The tour will cover a total of 12 cities across the two continents. Starting off at The Grace in London on May 14th and ending up in Warsaw on June 1st. The tour will also make stops in Cologne, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Antwerp and more.

If you’re interested in attending one of the shows, you can find more information about ticket prices and availability by clicking HERE.

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