A week or so ago rising singer-songwriter vaultboy unleashed his debut single “everything sucks“. This little earworm track with its massively hummable melody really caught my ear. But, not because of how catchy it is. The almost spoken vocals and candid lyricism give it a type of directness that feels nice and chatty. As though someone (vaultboy) is engaging in conversation as friends would do, rather than singing at us. Besides, the track has a quirkiness about it that I also like. A chirpy, happy-go-lucky kind of allure that I found, wholesome, cute and endearing.

While the music industry is telling me I should be listening to Olivia Rodrigo unleashing wrath about her ex via her break-up album “SOUR“. The music, direction doesn’t play to my personal taste. I find the songwriting far more interesting. I am much preferring listening to vaultboy (with what started out as a thirty-second clip posted to TikTok), ruminating about, thinking about his ex, instead of serving up scathing or emotionally charged lyrics. Plus it is all the little, aside gestures along with the thoughtful pauses that really help with making the vaultboy debut track so likeable.

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Having a track go viral or any kind of instant acclaim doesn’t necessarily mean success is a done deal. vaultboy might be enjoying 15 minutes of fame, but I suspect not. He’s shared some other track, teasers on Insta and YouTube, and they sound promising to me. The style and direction reminded me of Lauv quite a bit. There’s also a cover of Harry Styles “Falling” which I thought he might not be able to carry off, yet it is so good. In so saying, it seems like vaultboy won’t be disappearing off the music radar in all of, (but as little as) 15 minutes. He’s continuing to draw new fans, and best that we start taking note because there is definitely a place for him to come up through the ranks. Where vaultboy is concerned, I feel we need to watch this space…

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