Remember vaultboy? He burst onto the music scene this summer with the quirky track “everything sucks”. However, nothing has sucked for vaultboy. He became an overnight viral sensation because of that song. It currently has 49 million streams on Spotify and has been sampled in more than half a million TikTok videos. I, on the other hand, could not be less of a TikTok user. I purely wrote about the song because I enjoyed it.

In most cases, artists who enjoy a viral hit fade into obscurity after about 15 minutes of fame. I had an insistent feeling this would not be the way with vaultboy. What really made the light bulb go off in my head. I noticed what a clever wordsmith he is after checking out more of his material released online.

Having delivered his successful debut, he returns with his second tune, “rocket science“. An ear-pleasing ode written about the early stages of a new relationship. You know you both like one another but stop short of saying so. You scout around and avoid making the admission.

“I wrote “rocket science” to tell my story, about knowing you both have feelings for each other, and saying “what the hell, let’s do this!” After all, it’s not rocket science “. Says vaultboy.

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vaultboy’s debut release, “everything sucks“, had an element of novelty value in that it was quirky and whimsical. “rocket science” comes from an entirely different ballpark. The track exhibits earnestness with smooth stylings. There is just the right amount of catchiness to make it memorable. Moreover, it shows the world there is much more to vaultboy. In terms of cutting it as a new pop concern, he is not going anywhere but up.

Discover vaultboy for yourself today. Get a taste of the singer-songwriters very listenable style of pop. JP Saxe and Lauv fans will love him.

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