We are two tracks in with the new era from LAUREL, and I am super stoked to say, the synths have been brought out again for her latest offering “Best I Ever Had.” The singer-songwriter introduced us to her new sound when releasing the track “Scream Drive Faster” this summer. Where she also revealed she has teamed up with producer Chrome Sparks to create her new 2-Part EP project. The new tracks were written as she traveled through the American West. They detail her adventures and draw on the experience of isolation as a foreigner during a global pandemic.

I am, especially loving that LAUREL is letting the sunshine in, on the new music. It is so good to hear her cheer-up her, vocals a bit. This is a notable, distinctive change from the intense and moody atmosphere that was brought to our attention on 2018, debut album “Dogviolet.”

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There is a switch to an even softer sound, for “Best I Ever Had.” A style in-keeping with Chrome Sparks often dreamy, synth-making. Both artists have dared to go more pop than either has entered into before. Their experiment is working. New LAUREL sounds fantastic. Her vocals are spellbinding, and the production is a blissed-out, delight to the ears. It’s, a, pure sunshine listen, which is reflected in the music video directed by Elliott Arndt. The footage pieces together clips of the singer, living her best life. LAUREL is seen carefree, chilling in the great outdoors, at the beach and by the pool. She is clearly experimenting more with her image or is it that she collects clothes much as a fashion connoisseur does. Either way, it appears LAUREL doesn’t travel light when she’s away from home.

Fans of, emotive, sweet-sounding electronica, which brings on a sense of, beauty and wonder should sign up here, it seems there is more to come.

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