I think it is about time I followed-up with Laurel. After writing about her debut release “Fire Breather,” she hasn’t registered on my radar at all. Somehow along the way she evolved into indie-rock and these stylings were no longer applicable to EQ Music Blog. I get the impression though she fancies herself as a bit of a pop chameleon. Loves nothing but shaping her versatile voice around different soundscapes. Currently, her interest lies with factoring in some synths, in a bid to develop her sound further still on Chrome Sparks produced track “Scream Drive Faster.”

The track released through Communion Records along with the stunning Elliott Arndt directed video clip mark the beginnings of an exciting transition for Laurel. “Scream Drive Faster” is by far her most accessible release yet, it doesn’t stray so far away from her alt-pop beliefs (which are still felt in the clear cut punch her voice.)

I am excited by the fact that the music video is steeped in the style of the 80s. In its use of digital graphic art teamed with trippy visual effects. This is a whole new glamorous look for Laurel, which she pulls off with ease, while also creating some serious impact. Similarly with the direction of the track, the ethereal in her voice is still in evidence. The synthy bits are brighter while getting a sherbet-like dousing of indie-pop tang. It is the Chrome Sparks production which turns up the feel-good factor. As the track builds and builds to its climactic close, what we are left with is a vibrant gush of euphoria to go swimming in and enjoy. “Scream Drive Faster” escalates Laurel’s music prowess to a new high. I am now really hoping that we are going to hear more of this vibe from her. As I could seriously see my interest in Laurel reborn if she keeps in this lane of indie met with synth-pop. 

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