Over recent years, dynamic dark pop duo Hurts have been shaking up their sound. To such an extent, landing a creditably successful effort with last album “Surrender”, which was actually bordering on sounding reasonably cheery!

Theo and Adam flagged “Surrender” up as embarking on an odyssey. They weren’t over selling it either, there were plenty of upbeat tracks to latch onto like the hugely anthemic “Some Kind Of Heaven”, grandiosely majestic “Rolling Stone” and the Scissor Sister disco envisaged number “Lights” to highlight just a brief overview of what the album delivered.

Tell to the truth I hadn’t really given much thought to duo embarking upon new material, relatively so soon. The creative energy must be flowing on tap with Adam and Theo tough, because they snuck out a little message that 2017 was going to be a big year.

Hurts have made their presence felt once again. BAM a new song and video has arrived. “Beautiful Ones” is described by the band as a “celebration of individuality”

As it goes, the song is rather alright in a pleasurable way. It follows the formula of an anthem and builds to a rousing, fist pumping chorus. It is the video which holds the most impact value, raising powerful awareness with disturbing visual enactment of a harrowing, violent homophobic attack which befalls Theo Hutchcraft. Given in his portrayal as a victim of an anti-LGBT assault. The story unfolding in reverse order to add an extra dimension of poignancy. Thus, making the end result even more gripping.

As punches are thrown the bruises become real as they hit home emotionally, taking the wind out of our sails as mind and body physically react in an authentic pent up knot of tangible empathy.