Time has been counting down to Hurts next album release, previously mentioned earlier this year as the duo made their presence felt with an emotionally raw and powerfully gripping video for poignantly LGBT aware “Beautiful Ones”. Followed shortly afterwards by the announcement of their biggest tour to date.

In the interim, there have been even more back-to-back shows which have kept the moody synth-pop makers busy. In a way, this has ensured that the “Desire“, album campaign returns to the traditional route of single-by-single releases instead of churning out a slew of count down tracks before the official release. A move, which I feel will prove far more beneficial with regards to album sales in the long run.

As a sign declaration, that the duo’s fourth album is almost here the next single is “Ready to Go“. The track begins with an unworldly drone bleating out rather ominously, not sure if this just being used to reinforce the mood of the accompanying video, but it does feed the mind with dark and tempestuous thoughts. The moody atmosphere shifts as piano keys kick in and a rousing, anthemic beat takes over.

To be fair “Ready to Go“, is good but falls some way short of the greatness of “Beautiful Ones“. I’m happy that the video and audio stream came out together in one fell swoop because I feel wouldn’t be enjoying this song half as much without the gritty drama of Theo’s acting and dancing.

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