As soon as Hurts awoke from their social media slumbers and instantly began teasing new music. I too couldn’t resist sharing an excited face emoji on my own online profiles as well. I’ll let you into a secret, which I haven’t shared before, Hurts are one of my most favourite music duos of the last decade. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be. Are the duo not a more synthed-up vision of, The Killers. Has anyone seen Theo Hutchcraft and Brandon Flowers singing in the same room? I consider that their vocal tones somewhat strike of similarity. Scratch beneath the surface, aren’t Hurts indie-rockers at heart who just happen to favour synths over guitars? Remember when Brandon gave us his album “The Desired Effect.” In hindsight, the vibe was so Hurts. It has taken me way long, to see the comparison. Yet with Hurts unleashing their new single “Voices” it was a likeness which absolutely jumped out at me.

Of the track, Theo says: “Voices is a song about isolation, desperation and mania. It’s also about fortitude, resilience and the power of the mind. It was written during a personal crisis and is being released into the world during a very public one. Hopefully, it can provide some hope and catharsis to anyone who is struggling with their own demons.”

In the run-up to the release. The decidedly grey visuals, the duo kept teasing out, lead me to surmise that the sparkling, glitterball infused electronic-pop of their previous “Desire” album had been smashed to smithereens. I imagined Hurts would once again, beat with a darker pulse. I was not proved wrong. What I wasn’t prepared for, was the guitar-led intro. While listening, to the opening few seconds of “Voices” you would have seen my face contort into some funny, puzzling shapes. I was soon put at ease when I heard Theo’s voice beckoning me in like always. A crash of drums and pounding synths leading to the stadium ready chorus were the best clarification that Hurts are well and truly back. Not adhering to record label demands, as seems to me this whole chapter is likeliest as an independent release. Who are Lento Records? Disco Lento is a term Hurts adopted in their early days as a way to describe their sound. Let’s ponder on this for a bit and hope Adam and Theo will be back soon with more clues, tunes, answers.

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