On the day Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark released their 14th studio album “Bauhaus Staircase” (Friday 27th October, 2023). They decided to also treat their fans to a rarity. A music video featuring themselves, no less! To mark the occasion, Paul and Andy launched “Anthropocene,” the fourth track from the album. The just shy six-minute track is an electrifying opus and sure to please fans of the band. Who also had bestowed upon them an epic digitalized music video to enjoy.

Depending on how clued up on climate change debates you are. The term Anthropocene may mean a lot or very little to different individuals. The Climate Hero website description states:

“The Anthropocene means “the age of man”. The word refers to the massive impact that humans have had on Earth. Something which many scientists believe is the cause of a new geological epoch; the Anthropocene age”.

Therefore, in this track, we could say OMD addresses a weighty topic, which is most typical of them!

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During a Q&A session broadcast on YouTube to mark album release day, Paul discussed the evolution of the track “Anthropocene,” stating that it came about from the fusion of two very different ideas. According to him, Andy had wanted to create a song called “Anthropocene,” and Paul’s dance-inspired soundtrack as it turned out, became the perfect complement for this thematically current track. Since it has the optimum scope to carry off spoken word segments.

What is evident, however, is that Cine 1080 studios, responsible for all the music videos of this era, understood the assignment throughout. And yet, saved their most significant creation thus far, lavishing every drop of their digital art know-how in the clip six-minute clip for “Anthropocene.” In a visual treatment which depicts the impact humanity has on the earth through the experience of a new being. As much as the clips are a wholly magnificent feat of digital animation, to have a few frames of OMD incorporated into the digital mix really is the cherry on top for longstanding fans of this band.

I highly recommend checking out their “Bauhaus Staircase” album. It’s been receiving great reviews and is every bit worthy of the acclaim it has received. During a recent Q&A, Paul and Andy mentioned that this may be their last album release, as they plan to focus on smaller formats such as EPs and singles in the future. However, they also reassured fans that live performances are still something they are aiming to continue. So, there’s still plenty to look forward to from this talented duo.

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