It still has not sunk in that I wrote about Basshunter recently, (single “Home“.) And it felt like not much had changed since the previous release which came seven years earlier. Something strange has happened in lockdown. Jonas unleashed another track “Angels Ain’t Listening.” Unbelievably it sounds quite different to his usual bouncy, bass-thumping offerings. It takes on an 80s vibe, focuses on synths and features vocals from Jonas himself.

I have a feeling, we’ll be served more of Basshunter’s whoop-ass euro-pop, yet. For now, he’s broken free from his signature sound. Opting for nostalgia instead. The lyrics are quite dark and serious, in comparison to the light-hearted topics covered on previous releases. “Angels Ain’t Listening” picks up on themes of acceptance and loneliness. It isn’t one to be jumping around like crazy with, at all. Although without a doubt, it shares a huge, empowering message. Because the track is so unlike the Basshunter I have been used to, the influential Swedish singer, DJ, producer reeled in my utmost attention. I really like this more daring approach. Play “Angels Ain’t Listening” to your friends they’ll never work out Basshunter is behind the release, except when you tell them.

The lyric video which has been released in support of the track isn’t really a lyric video. It’s a full-blown interpretation of the song, with added subtitles. The clip follows a young man who is seeking his truth and struggling with accepting his identity. We see how they work to address the situation. Grow in confidence and bravery. Eventually discovering, their authentic self. I really did not expect this level of empowering from Basshunter. I choked right up when I watched the lyric video for the first time. Coming in Pride month as well, I hope the LGBTQ community pick up on this track and know that Basshunter has made it with love and respect.

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