I know, I know, it’s 2019, and I am writing about Basshunter. I am certain you’ve worked out why I am writing about him already. It’s because he has a new single out, “Home“. In 2008 the Swedish star’s popularity was going through the roof owing to his dancefloor-filling songs “Now You’re Gone” (“Boten Anna” in Sweden), “I Miss You”, “All I Ever Wanted” and “Angel In The Night.” Taking a look back at those tracks does now feel like they existed a lifetime ago. By Jonas Altberg’s own admission, he wanted to make party music. All of his hits of yesteryear and the more current offerings would certainly still be able to bring the clubbers up to the dancefloor.

His last album “Calling Time” was released in 2013 and spawned the single “Crash and Burn.” Far from stepping back completely, as these releases implied. The wheels never came off for Basshunter, he’s been kept busy working with other artists, DJing and occasionally putting out new material himself. Also for the past few years, he’s been back touring the UK performing at Universities up and down the land during, freshers week events. I like that he is the same old Jonas who may be older, as we all are but his wild spirit still burns bright.

I’ll guess you will be wondering if you can still do the pogo to the new song or not. In short, the answer is yes. But just not too all of it, a few bars of the chorus will allow you relive some moments of your youth my jumping and down like a mad thing. Honestly, though, there’ll be is no mistaking “Home” is a Basshunter track. It has the same feel, and the production is as tight-ass euro-pop flavoured as ever. However, it is a softer offering in comparison to many of his previous efforts. The vocals on the track are from the lovely Linnea Deb (a famed songwriter and producer from Sweden.) She was on the songwriting team for Måns Zelmerlöw’s Eurovision winning entry “Heroes.”

Chances are after listening to the new song, you’ll be in the right headspace to dig out your copy of the “Now You’re Gone” album. So while we are in the mood for reminiscing, I’d like to put out another suggestion as well. Why not take a look at the interview Raj had with Basshunter back in December 2008. It is marked down in EQ Music Blog’s history as one the funnest chats with a pop star Raj ever had.

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