I received a sweet note this week sent in from the Basshunter fans. They wanted to make sure I had not overlooked the Swedish DJ and producers latest release, “Life Speaks To Me.”

In response to their inquiry. First: I would like to say. Thanks for writing in.

Second: I had noticed the release.

Finally, I am glad they got me thinking about the track again. They helped me understand something about it that I had not been aware of before.

Basshunter’s pre-pandemic releases “Angels Ain’t Listening” and “Home.” Showed that the Swedish Techno advocate had switched musical lanes. The thumpa, thumpa beats are on hold. Enabling him to flex his artistry in different synthy and softer electronic-pop directions. The same is true of “Life Speaks To Me,” but with one big difference. The track replicates the boundary-pushing signature style of the late, great and sorely missed EDM wunderkind Avicii.

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What you may or may not know. And what I failed to recognise until the Basshunter fans email put me straight with the facts. Is that Jonas wrote the song as a tribute to Avicii. According to Måns Mosesson‘s official Avicii biography “TimThe Official Biography of Avicii” Basshunters’ hit single “Boten Anna inspired Bergling to pursue music.

The penny has dropped. I fully understand why the new Basshunter single sounds a lot like Avicii. The intention was to honour Tim Bergling. I think it is super gracious of Jonas to acknowledge Avicii in this way.

Many people take Basshunter’s early work at face value. These tracks were considered party-starters. The same which can not be said of Jonas’ recent work since 2019. Notably, there is a deeper lyrical connection emerging. Don’t worry, Bass defenders, Basshunter has not mellowed completely. The DJ still plays his thumpa, thumpa techno rave tracks at packed out gigs.

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