The collaboration that’s begged to happen! Australian electronic acts Pnau and Empire of the Sun join forces on the track “AEIOU“. In all honesty, it is surprising that this joint effort has taken this long to materialise, given that Nick Littlemore is involved with both bands. If you are wondering how to tell Pnau and Empire of the Sun apart from one another. Pnau prides itself on hedonistic dance music, whereas Empire of the Sun takes a much dreamier approach to its electronic pop-making. Although Nick Littlemore leaves a distinctive imprint on both these projects.

Empire of the Sun did not release any new music in seven years. Announcing their return with such a powerful collaboration, and probably that many fans willed to happen, is not only a massive ‘hello, remember us’ to the music world. But the joint release of the track “AEIOU” also serves as a suitably uber-cool heads up from Pnau announcing they have a new album “Hyperbolic” out in early 2024. Therefore, it is self-explanatory that the music sounds instantly familiar.

Explaining “AEIOU“…
“This is a dream record for us. We’ve had the idea of a vowels-based song way back before we met Elton John, but it never came together until now. It turns out it was worth the wait,” Nick Littlemore confirms.

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Creative and innovative music videos are yet another facet that links these two projects. In fact, both bands favour striking, groundbreaking visuals. In their recent team-up with Troye Sivan for “You Know What I Need,” Pnau introduced AI technology for the visual element. Creators MELT Studios have once more created another visually spectacular music video for “AEIOU” featuring Nick Littlemore and Luke Steele in AI form.

Each time either band unleash new music, the accompanying visuals more often than not lead off on an otherworldly trajectory. Yet, this time Pnau and Empire of the Sun absolutely did go an otherworldly extra mile for their videos.

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