I’m sure that I am not the only one who finds Nick Littlemore’s involvement in both Empire of the Sun and Pnau a little bit confusing but for me, the situation worsens when the bands simultaneously release new music. The truth is, I like both bands equally, for their distinctive styles of music and the creative packages they tie-in with their projects. What I find quite interesting though, is that Nick Littlemore is a much more reserved fashionista in either of these two duos. Currently, both Pnau and Empire of the Sun are promoting new material. I’m turning my attention towards Empire right now because they have released another, of their amazing videos for the track “Way To Go” in support of the new EP “On Our Way Home“.

The boundary-pushing duo opts for a state of digital art promotional clip with crisp high definition effects which catch the eye through a striking spectrum of vivid colours. The music video is genuinely something to marvel at and runs with the otherworldly theme which is in keeping with the band projects visual aesthetic. Inspired by the band’s love of Japanese culture, it was created by director/producer Nobuchimi from WOW productions and shot in Japan and utilises innovative 3d scanning technology, motion and facial motion capture.

Let’s face it when it comes to dream-pop no-one does it quite like Empire of the Sun they take the lead and everyone else can only look-up at them in awe and wonder.

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