In October 2022, I shared my thoughts on the blog about “Madonna,” a track by Danish pop singer-songwriter Drew Sycamore. The disco-hued bop acted as a lead-in single to her third album, “Superfaith.” Since her previous self-titled sophomore album release is still pretty fabulous and one that I immensely enjoy to this day. The arrival of “Superfaith,” the third long player, is one I have hotly anticipated for some time. Therefore, I knew what I would dive into for a first listen as soon as the new music Friday releases were unleashed last week.

Seeing that the “Superfaith” release was near, she released the dance track “In The Club,” a couple of weeks ago. Since I hoped for another of Drew’s stellar synth or electro-pop songs, I decided not to write about “In The Club” (Although the music video is out today, look out for it). Instead, I wanted to check out the album and pick a track (not necessarily a focus single) that stood out. “Fever” is the track which excites me the most since giving the album a few listens.

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There is no complicated reason I settled on “Fever,” the choice was straightforward for me. The groove of the track is slinkier, with a more epic vibe. I feel every detail, the music, vocals, and lyrics fit ever more seamlessly on this song than with others on “Superfresh“. My hope for “Fever” is it will get its own chance to shine as I consider it a much better single choice than “In The Club,” actually.

With that said, it is still a good album, with plenty and synth and electro-pop referencing. Therefore, I advise you to check it all the same.

Commenting on “Superfresh,” Drew Sycamore describes it as an album that sounds like an illegal rave party with a bunch of religious fanatics on a spaceship in the future.” 

Above all else, that is one of my favourite quotes for a long time, that’s for sure.

This week, Drew will join Lukas Graham as tour support on the band’s sold-out 25th February date at Electric Brixton.

I hope Drew might love it here in the UK. Would love to see Drew return on her own European tour soon.

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