What an exciting week for new music releases this is so far! Particularly so when bearing in mind in the past few days where emerging pop acts from Israel and Denmark were featured on the blog. Therefore, similarly evoking a sense of global exploration. However, we have more miles to cover. Without further adieu, another adventure beckons. Today, we are heading to Singapore, metaphorically. We are to check out the latest track from Matilde G, a talented pop singer, songwriter, and performer originally from Italy. Her new song, “None Of Your Business,” officially drops tomorrow. Although EQ readers are getting to see the video a day early.

Matilde is a newcomer who has caught my attention previously with her hit song “Hypocrite.” At the time of release, I noted her as “a teen pop star with a bucketload of talent and similarly, as an artist not to be underestimated”.

Without a doubt, she stands out from her contemporaries. The reason?… Matilde’s creative talent and professionalism in her craft are undoubtedly remarkable. With a unique sound and pop icon style well-established. The latest releases only further solidify her position as a rising star in the pop music scene.

It is, therefore, an honour to premiere the “None Of Your Business” music video on EQ Music Blog before the track is officially released everywhere tomorrow.

Matilde is an artist who does not wish to follow the mainstream music trends. Her music is authentic and full of personality. A style, showcasing her desire to become a superstar. Her latest offering, “None Of Your Business,” is a powerful anthem. In it, she encourages people to embrace their uniqueness and go against society’s expectations. She stands up against the pressure to conform and celebrates her individuality. Furthermore, the lyrics inspire listeners of all ages and backgrounds to do the same.

“…If I had conformed, I wouldn’t have developed my artistic personality. It takes courage to be original, and sometimes it makes you feel lonely, but its worth it.” Matilde confirms.

Matilde is absolutely incredible in her music video! She exudes confidence and commands attention. It is abundantly clear that she is in complete control and that nothing will stop her. Matilde G is definitely in a league of her own, much like Beyonce. Without doubt this young lady has the ability to be a pop icon in the near future.

Connect with Matilde G
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MatildeGOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatildeGMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matildegirasole/