It’s been a while since I last shared some new music from Denmark on the blog. In actuality. I was eagerly awaiting a Danish pop act to pop up and catch my attention once again. This finally happened last week! ELBA, an independent artist, just released her latest track, “You Do You,” from her debut album “Teardrops & Blind Spots.” (A great listen for anyone looking for a boost of empowerment). She wrote this song to inspire those who may be struggling with low self-esteem. And it absolutely hits all the right notes in this respect.

When I first listened to this independent alt-pop smash from the rural depths of Denmark. The lyrical theme immediately caught my attention. The more I carried on listening. The more I realized that ELBA’s vocals were amazingly Robyn-like, especially in the chorus. This came as a surprise to me. Since when compared with the verses, these had a pop/rock edge. However the electronic element was saved for the chorus. Therefore making it the most memorable and catchy part of the song.

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In “You Do You,” Elba tells us, the importance of trusting and listening to our own inner voice. If we don’t, we could end up limiting ourselves, by following other people’s expectations. However we should be mindful as this can lead to negativity and a sense of being lost. “You Do You” is a story that speaks to everyone. It’s about standing up for who you are authentically and being true to yourself.

Because of its immediate pop/rock vibe, I almost didn’t think this song was appropriate for the blog. But lyrically, the empowering message really spoke to me. I am glad I stayed with the track until the chorus hit. The alluring Robyn-esque vocal was the clincher for blog coverage in this instance. Convincing me that I had to feature “You Do You” on the blog.

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