Danish crooner Maximillian’s emotive vocals are dreamy, soulfully melodic and full of grace. An 18-year-old’s vocals probably shouldn’t be sounding this bedroom sexy, but Maximillian’s voice is likeliest to start a baby-making boom, he if continues to share more pop ballads in the vein of previous single “Higher” and new release “Strangers“.

It is quite incredible how sleek and commanding Maximillian powers through with an immense tone of authority in his voice and songwriting. He has to have been born with these gifts because talent like this just doesn’t appear at this age without a lot of mentoring.

He’s had four singles out within a matter of months. Without question “Strangers” is Maximillian’s most soulful and deeply, sonically resonating track to date. If this is kind of awesomeness Maximillian is giving us, right at the beginning of his career, I am excited about this Danish kids future. He’s quite extraordinary. One of a kind. With good management, he’ll have a good future ahead of him.

Connect with Maximillian
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maximillianmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maximillian_rasmussen