Maximillian is one of Denmark’s most promising new artists, establishing a good reputation with his signature style of delectably smooth and soulful offerings. Over the last twelve months, he’s amassed a handful of well-received releases, after picking up support from the blogosphere which in turn, has played a small part in the singer-songwriter’s recent signing with Virgin EMI in the UK. The first track to be released with the label is “Hollow Days“, and is another accomplished example of the young singers crafting of modern soul with delicate pop sensibilities.

All of Maximillian’s music flows with a depth of emotion embedded which combines lushly sweeping melodies with carefully considered lyrics evoking, an innate, stylised sound. The sonically enveloping soundscape of “Hollow Days” just pushed ahead as the singer’s most gripping, and powerful, effort yet. It has fresh and organic vibes in abundance and is a top of the shop, type of tune geared to aid winding-down in the late night hours at the end of the day.

This single has all the feeling of a radio-ready, pop tune with much of its chemistry boiled down to a sleek, snaking groove and vocals which cadence with a warm, mellifluous flow. A song like this feels capable enough to propel him into the public consciousness, in a way that the music fills a nameless void somewhere in between pop, R&B and soul. Given his young age, It feels as though in a short space of time Maximillian has gone from writing songs in his bedroom to instead turning out seductively, elegant tracks which beg of you to take your partner by the hand and head off into the bedroom.

Connect with Maximillian
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maximillianmusic
Twitter: @maximillianirl
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maximillian_rasmussen