He maybe considered an up-and-coming new artist, yet Danish singer Maximillian has a sound so polished you would think that he might be already quite well established. At a mere 18 years of age, the young Dane has some of the most powerful yet velvety smooth vocal chops which scale a register from bass to falsetto with such apparent ease. The calibre of talent he exudes will be enviable to many of the aspiring contemporaries around him.

If you’re like me and not so fond of the whole mash-up scenario because they mostly the results are chopped-up like a kipper and bland. Think again because, there aren’t many singers who could pull off a London Grammar x Frank Ocean mash-up, let alone a newcomer. Maximillian is the exception to this, his deeply emotive performance could knock some seasoned artists out-of-the-water by its sheer shift in dynamics, range and clever arrangement.

Anyway the mash-up, served its purpose as some initial buzz for Maximillian, but the road to pop domination begins in earnest with official release “Higher”.

In the competitive world of pop, it is the command that Maximillian gives to every note and every emotive tremor poured into the end performance which single him out into the upper echelons of the emerging pop elite. The richness in Maxmillian’s vocal leaps out in the kind of soulful seduction which will claim hearts and armies of swooning fans.

Maximillian is the latest golden voice that fills the void left by the achingly, smooth flawness delivered by new soul’s leading man Sam Smith. With more than enough impact of resonating depth and authenticity as found in “Higher” you’d be wise to make Maxmillian your newest glass and a half full of guilty pleasure.

Maximillian // Higher from Maximillian on Vimeo.